Stay calm in the event of breakdown...

VINCI Autoroutes simplifies repair and assistance services, and provides support for you along the way.

  • Our teams are available and look after you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ;
  • VINCI Autoroutes is committed to assisting you within 30 minutes after your report (for light vehicles and within 60 minutes for heavy goods vehicles) ;
  • Assistance service providers are approved by VINCI Autoroutes and the government ;
  • They are specifically trained for these interventions ;
  • The rates charged are regulated (by ministerial decree) for vehicles with a total weight (including load) of less than 3.5 tonnes. Download rates here.
    For vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes, prices are freely established but must be presented and explained ;
  • Depending on your insurance, these fees may be covered by your service! Check with your insurer.

Broken down? Follow our advices !

Ensuring your own safety

Park your vehicule on a traffic island or on the
emergency stop strip
Turn on your hazard lights
Put on a yellow vest
Stand behind the guardrails
Move away from traffic lanes

Contacting VINCI Autoroutes

Download the Ulys app
Or call 3605 (toll free)
Or go to an orange terminal located every 2 km

VINCI Autoroutes contacts your assistance service

The authorized provider will appear within 30 minutes.
A confirmation SMS is sent to you to track the arrival of the assistance provider.